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frilans copywriter & fotograf

Ditt varumärke i goda händer

Jag skriver för små och stora företag, för webbsidor, film och tryckta publikationer. Ibland hjälper jag företag med tone of voice och skrivguider, eller innehållsplaner för digitala medier och nyhetsbrev. Jag är också fotograf med särskild känsla för människor och uteliv.


Blogg & nyhetsbrev

Jag kan planera, skapa och publicera innehåll i dina digitala kanaler.

Kreativ copywriting

Jag skapar texter som fångar läsarens intresse. Enkelt, koncist och med en skön känsla.

Varumärke & tonalitet

Jag utvecklar skrivguider och strategier för varumärkets tone of voice.


Inspirerande och informerande – jag tar fram texter som underlättar köpbeslut.


Jag skriver artiklar och reportage, inom hållbarhet, friluftsliv och entreprenörskap m.m..


Porträtt eller reportage. Min kamera fångar människor, mat, idéer, friluftsliv med mera.

år som kommunikatör

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Arrivederci Frösön, see you in a couple of weeks. Yoga mat, camera and me are heading south again. Another combined photo/yoga week with @annsvardfeltyoga But first some 3000+ kilometers by train 🚂 Here we go: ETA Sicily Wednesday afternoon 🙌 #slowtravel #östersundcataniabytrain #yogirail ...

Yoga philosophy class by the sea. One of the beautiful moments I had the chance to capture working with a new website for @annsvardfeltyoga earlier this summer.

And HEY PRESTO it’s live✨ It’s been so much fun and rewarding doing this and I’ve learnt a whole bunch — design, graphics, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Wix tricks and not to climb stairs in slippery socks (to mention a few). Thank you Ann for letting me onboard 🧘🏼‍♀️🕉🙏🏻
👉 annsvardfeltyoga.com

Frösön. My hoods. Perfect biking temperature for a change (this summer has been hard on us here in Jämtland, but in a cold and windy way). Hope we get a few more of these evenings. #whereicomefrom #visitöstersund #storsjön #jämtland #landscapephotography ...

Last week: Rissájávri, Swedish Lapland. One of my favorite treks👌 Super tasty dinner at @abiskomountainlodge afterwards made the day complete ✨ ...

Brother 🤍 @daniellavoniusjarefeldt ...

Garden treasures ready to go 🌱 Looks a bit extra terrestrial, if you ask me. (And yes: I’m a garden gnome in my spare time 👩🏻‍🌾). ...

Good morning, Åhustallen 🌳 Nice to meet you.

Glimpse from new moon morning shoot with fantastic yoga teacher @annsvardfelt @ashtangayogaahus Celebrating summer with a combined yoga week/photo trip in Åhus, Sweden. Shooting for Ann’s new web page, to be released later this summer ✨🧘🏼‍♀️ New moon, new beginnings.

#åhustallen #yogaweek #visitskåne #yogateacher #ashtangayoga #åhusyogaweek #ashtangayogaÅhus #annsvardfeltyoga #newmoonnewbeginnings

New morning habit: Walk this way 🌿☀️👌 ...

Spring is in the air ❄️ Sort of. Today Jämtland greets us with high winds and an irresistible mix of snow and rain. Oh May, please be gentle with us. #celebratingspring #1maj #tourskiing #storsjön ...

I 🧡 yoga. Perfect training, both for body and mind. Therefore it’s truly inspiring to help my fantastic yoga teacher @annsvardfelt with her new web page. The other day, we had a photo shoot together with @katarinaowen Very fun 🤩 Thank you Ann and Katarina, I love working with you - both on the mat and with camera in hand. See you in class 🧘🏼‍♀️✨☺️ ...


And it’s #tutorialthursday so I played around with a photo I took the other day, exploring the basics of After Effects and a VERY elaborated photoshop action👌😆
NB: All eggs are natural color, no fuss. The rest is very Photoshop.

(Thanks for the fun @AdobeCreate and thanks to our #backyardhens for the eggs)

#watercoloreffect #photoshop #animation #tutorialthursday #easterfun #eggart by #hensoffrösön a.k.a. #mjällehönorna

Colleague is a bit unsociable today 🐈 #percythecat #homeoffice ...

Hey Winter. Thanks. ...

Hey Winter, why leave so early? I’ve hardly got to know you yet. Pic from just a few few weeks ago, plenty of snow. And now it’s melting away so fast 😱 So tomorrow I’ll go and grab some turns, looking forward to that ☀️❄️⛷ ...

Took the chance to meet up with my friend Sara @utebyran when she passed my hoods on her way north. A great day of tour skiing in #offerdalsfjällen after a stay at super cosy @jansmassholmensfjallhotell. Sara did her 300th kilometer (out of 1300) during the day 💪🌟 We bid farewell at Gröna Lund (yep Swedes, you have it in Offerdalsfjällen too) and I returned to civilization with tired legs and a big smile on my face. So impressed by your grit Sara and happy to spend a day on snow with you. Wish you all the best for rest of your trip 🤗🧡

@vitagrönabandet #adventurewoman #vitagrönabandet #winter #sweden #outdoors #offerdalsfjällen #jämtland #jänsmässholmen

It has been snowing A LOT the last few days and I so much look forward to skiing this weekend. This picture is from Jänsmässholmen, Jämtland, a couple of weeks ago, a winter touring trip with friends. Really challenging photo conditions with snow and insufficient light, so most shots turned out like crap 😆 Still, I got some good practice with the camera and we were lucky to see the sun - and the surrounding mountains 🏔- the last day. Happiness! Have a brilliant weekend everyone and enjoy #winter 👋

#outdoors #jämtland #fjällen #älskafjällen #lovethemountains #offerdalsfjällen #krokomskommun #tourskiing #visitsweden #jänsmässholmen

Låt mig vässa innehållet I dina digitala kanaler. Boka ett möte redan idag.


Har du en fråga, en idé eller vill du kanske jobba med mig? Hör av dig så tar vi en fika och pratar ihop oss.


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